Meet the HeadStart Team.

The HeadStart team currently consists of ten stylists and three receptionists. Our team is fully dedicated to their jobs and will make you feel comfortable during your visit. Please feel free to have a look through our staff team to find out more information about them. If you have any questions or require any other information, please feel free to contact us.

Karen - HeadStart - Exeter Hair Stylist

Karen McLeod - Owner

Hi, my name is Karen. I am the owner of Headstart Hairdressing in Exeter.  I have been hairdressing for over twenty-four years. I am as enthusiastic about hairdressing today as I was on my first day.  I gained my City & Guilds Qualification and have been working at Headstart Hairdressing ever since. I have attended many cutting, colouring and ‘hair up’ courses here in Exeter and also in London.  I am very lucky to work with a friendly enthusiastic and professional team, who are always keen to meet new clients.

Tracy - HeadStart - Exeter Hair Stylist

Tracy - Stylist

Hi, my name is Tracy. I have been working at Headstart Hairdressing for over thirty years. I have gained advanced qualifications throughout my hairdressing career by attending various courses on cutting and colouring hair. I really enjoy working with a great team who are extremely enthusiastic. Furthermore, I enjoy meeting new clients.

Jeanette - HeadStart - Exeter Hair Stylist

Jeannette – Stylist

Hello, my name is Jeannette and I have worked at Headstart Hairdressing for the past twenty-nine years, (and very happy ones they have been too!) I cover all aspects of Hairdressing and love seeing my regular clients as well as meeting new ones. Hairdressing has always been my passion and I knew from a very early age that this is all I ever wanted to and started my full apprenticeship at fifteen years of age. My many years of hairdressing experience range from working in some of the most prestigious salons in Exeter including workshops with Cyril Galley and Charles Worthington. Here at Headstart Hairdressing I absolutely adore being part of such a professional and friendly team. I am lucky having had the privilege of working with hundreds of truly amazing people and still enjoy it very much to this day.

Sheena - HeadStart - Exeter Hair Stylist

Sheena – Stylist

Hi, my name is Sheena Reed. I have been working in hairdressing for seventeen years all of which I have spent at Headstart Hairdressing with a great team of hairdressers. I gained my City & Guilds qualification and I have gone onto various cutting and colouring courses which I have really enjoyed. I also instruct the trainees on our training evenings, which I enjoy, seeing them learn new techniques. I have a lovely clientele whom I enjoy seeing regularly but also look forward to meeting new clients.

Claire - HeadStart - Exeter Hair Stylist

Claire – Stylist

Hi, I’m Claire. I have been working at Hairdressing for eleven years. I trained at Exeter College and where I gained my City & Guilds qualification. I am fully qualified in all aspects of Hairdressing but I especially love cutting, colouring & styling hair. I work full-time and train the apprentices on a Thursday evening. I have a wide selection of wonderful clients who differ in all age groups. I love to be sociable and couldn’t even imagine doing another job.

Anna - HeadStart - Exeter Hair Stylist

Anna – Stylist

Hi, my name is Anna. I have been working in the Hairdressing Industry for several years now. I completed Level 2 and Level 3 NVQ in Hairdressing at Exeter College respectively. I have also received Apprentice of the Year and Hairdresser of the Year award back in 2009. I enjoy working for a wonderful team at Headstart in Exeter covering all aspects of Hairdressing from colours to cutting ladies and gentlemen’s hair of all ages. I am very keen (and enjoy) working with new clients.

Emma - HeadStart - Exeter Hair Stylist

Emma – Stylist

Hi, my name is Emma. I love working at Headstart Hairdressing in Exeter as we are a friendly group of girls who have all trained here. I have built up a lovely clientele over the past twenty-five years of being here and still enjoy doing new people. I have attended many and various training courses in London which I loved. I enjoy every aspect of my job especially hair cutting.

Amye - HeadStart - Exeter Hair Stylist

Amye – Stylist

Hi, my name is Amye. I first started working in Headstart Hairdressing as a Saturday girl and then went on to do my NVQ in Hairdressing in 1999 and have been working in the salon since then. I love working at Headstart Hairdressing. It is such a light and spacious salon and we have a great team of warm and friendly girls. I have successfully completed various cutting and colouring courses over the years and love to learn new techniques in hairdressing. I work part-time and have a wide range of lovely clientele but I am always happy to meet new clients.

Jo - HeadStart - Exeter Hair Stylist

Jo – Stylist

Corrina - HeadStart - Exeter Hair Stylist

Corrina – Stylist

Ruth - HeadStart - Exeter Hair Salon

Ruth – Receptionist

Vicky - HeadStart - Exeter Hair Salon

Vicky – Receptionist

Carole - HeadStart - Exeter Hair Salon

Carole – Receptionist

Our dedicated team are always on hand to help make your visit to HeadStart Hair Salon as enjoyable as possible. Complimentary refreshments are readily available to all of our customers. Our most popular being a freshly expressed latte/cappuccino coffee or hot chocolate of your choice. Each of our stylists is fully qualified and happy to deliver the quality services that we provide. To find out more about our services and prices, please click here.


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